воскресенье, 17 ноября 2013 г.

Final Tests

The Moment of Truth!!!

I have done two tests today to check my progress.

The first test comes from Centro Virtual Cervantes http://ave.cervantes.es/prueba_nivel/default.htm

I realy liked it, because it doesn't only check grammar and constructions knowledge, but also reading and listening comprehension.

I got B1!!!!!!!!!

Then I did the same test as in Day 1. http://www.spanish-test.net

It's dedicated completely to grammar and some vocabulary. There were a lot of improvements, but I reached only A2.

That was something objective, some established way to measure progress. Now about subjective feelings.

I definitely undertand spoken spanish and written spanish much, much better. Speaking metaphorically, it seems that 10 days ago I was in a fog, now it has cleared out and I see a lot around me and more importantly, I know where to go further. I realize there's a lot to learn, but I know that it's possible and it's really enjoyable.

From now on I'm sure 
  • I can watch TV in spanish
  • I can read blogs in spanish
  • I can watch tutorials 
  • I can read simple fiction in the original

From this time on, I'll take a much slower pace, as a typical student would do, the one who has work and family commitments. But I 'd like to recommend to all language learners and my english students in particular to try a similar 10 days maraphons, when you commit yourself totally just to one cause, that is studying a language. It's a curious journey where you might rediscover your passion for your language, you may find new ways to improve your skills and even jump to a much higher level.

I'd also recommend to write a blog about your studies. It keeps you motivated and committed! And it can be interesting and helpful to other people like you.

пятница, 15 ноября 2013 г.

Day 10 - Study time 6 hours

I couldn't help but start with my new favorite songs. I translated and started learning a wondeful song "La Playa".

And my COVER 

Now it's so easy to understand the words of such simple love songs! It seems that there's a certain number of verbs and adjectives you need to remember and you're in a position to understand a lot (muchisimo)

I have worked with a number of grammar  exercises on the verbs and I come to the conclusion that it's possible to remember them. The endings make a lot of sense, and what I need is speaking practice.

One more lesson with my teacher went great. I'm still pleasantly surprised how flexible and helpful she is.

Rest of the time is spent for watching "Los Protegidos". I'm officially addicted! I hate to be hooked on a serial, but I justify myself saying that it's for a good purpose.

четверг, 14 ноября 2013 г.

Day 9 - Study time 5 hours

That day was one of the most productive. I studied one of my favorite topic - Travelling.
I started with a textbook, then I tried to express everything I learnt in a connected text. It turned out that writing didn't take as long as I expected.

An exciting part was surfing spanish blogs about travelling. I used to do it before, but quickly closed the posts, 'cos it was too hard to read. This time though I could enjoy all the advice about travelling to Mexico in Spanish! I can officially admit, that now I can surf the net for practical information in spanish.

The highlight of the day was music.

1) My teacher sent my a song that did not resemble all other songs I heard in spanish - the ones with "besos, manos, cubri tus ojos, me muere de amor" banalities.

But something curious, that reminded me of an old great russian band.

2) I really fell in love with "La oreja de Van Gogh". I listened to the whole albom, and I wasn't bored!
It reminds me of my favourite Abba:)

среда, 13 ноября 2013 г.

Day 8 - Study time 3 hours

I can feel that spanish is filling my mind. I'm  absorbing so much information passively, but I don't have time to digest it and learn to express it. I was thinking about finding a language exchange partner, but in my previous experience it took quite an amount of time to find a person who suited me. Now I don't have that time, so I'll have to manage by myself.

I dedicated a fair amount of time to prepare my tasks for the lesson. It's definitely great to have a guidance in a language aquisition. Even if you know how to study and what to study, and even if you can find a lot of speaking practice in language exchange, it's still important to have someone to see to your progress.

I started teaching English quite a long time ago, but only recently I came to think of a language teacher as of a coach. Especially when it comes to one-to-one classes. Teaching a language is not only about explaining grammar and drilling exercises, it's a lot about effective communication and interation between a teacher and a student, and even more about them being partners. It's a kind of a partnership where a coach (a teacher) knows what's going on in the learning process, sees to good results, sets short-term and long-term goals and uses the coachee's (student's) potencial to the fullest, but also informs the coachee about all of that. Therefore the student does not only follow, but also can lead and most importantly take responsibility for the learning process. 

понедельник, 11 ноября 2013 г.

Day 7 - Lazy time 3 hours

It felt like I couldn't do any more studying that day. May be after all it's not by chance that the 7th day of the week is meant for rest. As much as I wanted to push up my progress, I made up my mind not to force myself and just relax. Play my favourite series and drink coffee.

I came to the end of the first season of "Los Protegidos" and after it something unexpected happened!!!

As you know, I'm watching this series with the subtitles in my language. I had only the first season on my computer. The thing is that it ended with such a cliffhanger, that I just had to watch the first episode of the second season. I had some doubts about it, because I'd hate to miss some explanation of the mystery if I watched it in spanish without subtitles. But curiousity won, as usual, and I turned it on on youtube.

After watching it without subtitles for half an hour, I was shocked to realize, that I don't need them. I understood almost everything, and... I even laughed at the jokes!

Not a bad idea to have a lazy day after all.

Day 6 - Study time 5 hours

Let's try to put up the things I did that day in Spanish. Obviously, it's going to be short.

1) Tuve segunda clase con mi profesora.

2) Estudié conjugación des verbos.

3) Hice ejercicios grammatica

4) Escribí un texto corto sobre mi viaje

5)  Estudié las palabras en quizlet

6) Vi dos capítulos de mi serie.

I believe i'm getting the hang of Past Simple:)

суббота, 9 ноября 2013 г.

Day 5 - Study time: 6 hours

Today I had my first lesson with a spanish teacher. I really enjoyed it, 'cos she seems to be a very nice person, very friendly and dedicated to her job.

I liked the way she started teaching the verbs conjugation to me. She really knows how spanish grammar functions and shows certain logical connections between the tenses that make memorization easier.

1) So I spent more than an hour on grammar tasks. It's not that difficult, but i always have a feeling that it's like doing maths. You solve it, but then don't know what to do with it in real life.

2) Writing has always been my weak point in all the languages. So I made up my mind to practice as much as writing as possible when learning spanish. I'm happy again that my teacher thinks it's important. I spent some time trying to put up a meaningful text.

3) Quizlet as usual

4) 2 more episodes of "Los protegidos"